Jovanna Correa Interview: “I Just Want to Feel Good Wearing a Pair of Jeans”

Jovanna Correa

Jovanna Correa is a fitness advocate and CEO of Vanna Belt, a company that offers a signature line of skincare products and weight loss solutions to help women achieve their fitness goals. Since childhood, she has been living a fitness-oriented life. Jovanna was in gymnastics, ballet, and played soccer.

As she grew up, she often lost and gained weight.

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24 Fitness Experts Share Their Top Tips on How to Stay Motivated

how to stay motivated

Transforming your body into the one you have always dreamt of isn’t easy. It can take years of hard work in the form of healthy eating and exercising. It’s also not a linear journey where everything happens steadily; you’ll likely meet obstacles and setbacks along the way. If you want to reach your goals, you need to stay motivated throughout this tough journey.

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