8 Game-Changing Marketing Ideas for Fitness Businesses

Are you a fitness business owner looking for top marketing ideas for fitness businesses? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve gathered insights from 8 industry experts to provide you with top marketing ideas for fitness businesses.

From the power of collaborating with micro-influencers to building a community with group classes, these seasoned professionals share their top marketing ideas for fitness businesses.

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Collaborate with Micro-Influencers

Muhammad Mustafa
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As a community lead at a fitness apparel company and a passionate fitness enthusiast, I bring a unique perspective to the table. When it comes to innovative marketing strategies for a fitness business, consider exploring the power of micro-influencers. These are individuals with a smaller but highly engaged following within a specific niche, often more trusted than larger influencers.

Collaborating with micro-influencers allows for authentic connections with a targeted audience, fostering genuine relationships and word-of-mouth recommendations. This approach not only enhances brand credibility but also creates a ripple effect in building a community around your fitness business.

Muhammad Mustafa, Community Lead, SQUATWOLF

Proactively Manage Online Reviews

Logan Osland
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Having good reviews is really important for fitness businesses, so I highly recommend taking a proactive approach to reputation management. Use the simple link Google provides and send out text messages to your clients requesting a review. The more quality reviews you have, the more likely potential clients will be to trust you and your products or services.

Logan Osland, Owner, Doctor of Chiropractic, Logan Osland Chiropractic

Create Engaging Social Media Challenges

James Cunningham
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One killer marketing strategy for a fitness business is to leverage the power of social media challenges. Create a fun and engaging fitness challenge that aligns with your brand, and encourage your followers to participate. It could be something like a 30-day plank challenge or a weekly fitness task.

Ask participants to share their progress using a branded hashtag, and offer exciting prizes for those who complete the challenge or show remarkable improvement. This not only builds a sense of community but also promotes your brand virally as participants share their journey with their friends and followers. It’s a fantastic way to increase brand visibility, engagement, and attract new clients.

James Cunningham, Senior Coach, Total Shape

Partner with Local Businesses

Joshua Bartlett
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As a running coach, I have struggled at times to find and engage with potential clients. Ultimately, I found that it worked best to work with businesses that runners typically frequent—like running shoe stores.

The marketing strategy that has brought me the most new running coaching clients was to partner with a local running shoe store to help their customers who are looking for help getting started. I get a client, and they get to provide better customer service.

Don’t be afraid to ask local businesses about ways to partner with them or to refer clients to you directly!

Joshua Bartlett, Running Coach, Your Next Run

Give Away Premium Content for Free

Jason Vaught
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Having 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, I can tell you firsthand that you must be willing to give away your best stuff for free. The fitness industry is highly competitive, and if you are holding on tightly to your “secrets,” you are sure to be lost in the crowd.

Create lead magnets from your best stuff, and watch how your conversion rate increases. This is a strategy that works well in direct-response marketing and should be leveraged by a fitness business.

Jason Vaught, Director of Content, SmashBrand

Offer Personalized Virtual Workouts

Faizan Khan
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The competition in the fitness industry is very high, so to be successful and stand out from others, we’ve implemented personalized virtual workout sessions.

By taking the help of technology, we ensure proper exercise routines while keeping clients motivated and helping them achieve their goals. We offer live sessions and on-demand content that fosters a sense of community through virtual challenges and progress tracking. With this step, we have not only enhanced member satisfaction but also attracted new clients who are seeking flexible, result-driven fitness solutions.

Stay ahead by combining innovation with a personalized touch to create a dynamic fitness experience that sets your business apart.

Faizan Khan, Public Relation and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy Australia

Utilize Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising

Robert Brill
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Target advertising to foot traffic. Run mobile ads for people 2-5 miles around the address, and track when people see your ads and then walk into your fitness studio. This is hyperlocal advertising, and it works well to ensure you track direct business growth from your advertising.

Robert Brill, CEO, Brill Media

Build Community with Group Classes

Diane Howard
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One strategy I would recommend is to offer group classes or community workout sessions. Building a sense of community can be a powerful marketing strategy, as people are far more likely to stick with a fitness routine if they feel part of a group.

Diane Howard, RN and Founder, Esthetic Finesse

Closing Remarks

Here you have it: a collection of marketing ideas for fitness businesses shared by coaches, CEOs, and other industry experts.

Adopting these marketing ideas for fitness, like working with micro-influencers and offering group classes, can help your business grow and attract more clients.

So, implement these marketing ideas for fitness, tailor them to your unique brand, and watch as your business transforms and thrives.

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