Hatha Yoga Sequence: 4-Min Hip Openers for Emotional Release

Are you stressed or tired from juggling work and life? Looking for a hatha yoga sequence to release your emotions? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re excited to share our video of a hatha yoga sequence designed to open your hips and release stored emotions. This practice can help you relax and bring freshness to your day.

Hatha Yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on static poses (asanas) held for several breaths. This emphasis on holding poses for a longer time fosters a deeper mental awareness. So, it could help release pent-up emotions.

Why focus on opening the hips? Because the hips are often thought of as a storage place for our emotions. This can include stress, anger, sadness, and fear. By stretching our hips, we aim to release these pent-up emotions.

The instructor in the video is Anastasia, an RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance. She has 9 years of experience in yoga. Now, let’s go through each pose step by step:

Cow Face Pose

Sit and stack your left knee over your right knee. Reach your right arm up and your left arm down, both behind your back. Try to catch your right hand with your left hand. If your hands don’t quite meet, you can use a strap and hold it with both hands. Breathe calmly.

Cow Face Pose with twists

In Cow Face Pose, turn your upper body to the right, then to the left. Keep your sitting bones on the ground. If it’s challenging, you can put a cushion under them. Breathe in and out smoothly.

Cow Face Pose with a side bend

Still in Cow Face Pose, place your left arm down on the mat for support, then lean to the left, and bring your right arm over your head. Do this gently and breathe.

Switch Cow Face Pose

Now, switch sides. Stack your right knee over the left knee. Change your arms too—left arm up, right arm down. Reach to touch your hands behind you. Then, add twists and a side bend, just like on the other side.

Kundalini Circles

Sit cross-legged. Place your hands on your knees. Gently circle your body from the hips. Start the first round by going right, then left. In the second round, reverse the direction: go left, then right.

Yogi Squat (Malasana)

Assume the yogi squat stance with your heels facing each other. Your elbows can push your knees gently to make them wide. This will help increase the stretch in the hips. If the squat feels too intense, you can place a block under your sitting bones for support. Stay here and breathe deeply.

Easy Pose Twist

Sit with crossed legs. Turn your upper body to the right, and place your right hand behind you for support. Then, turn to the left, and place your left hand behind you for support. Breathe well in each turn.

Remember that mindful breathing is important in this sequence. It helps you quiet the mind and relax the body, making poses easier to enter and hold. So, breathe mindfully in every pose to get the most from your yoga practice.

This hatha yoga sequence offers various benefits. Physically, it improves flexibility, mobility, and digestion. Emotionally, it facilitates the release of pent-up emotions. All in all, it enhances your overall well-being.

Now, watch the video below to see the hatha yoga sequence in action. If you find it helpful, please like our video and subscribe to our channel.

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