8 Benefits of Weight Training for Women

benefits of weight training for women

Through many years, experts have established very convincing arguments about the benefits of weight training for women. But the number of women who take this suggestion seriously is nonetheless low.

A lot of women shy away from weight training because they mistakenly believe weight training will make them bulky. That’s why many women spend most of their gym time on cardio, and less time using weight that challenges their bodies.

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8 Tips to Beat Exercise Boredom

exercise boredom

Are you getting bored of your workout? Are you thinking of excuses when the time to hit the gym comes? If yes, then you may suffer from exercise boredom.

Maybe you could use a little help to freshen up your training program and bring back the challenge. You’re not alone. Many gym-goers have lifted themselves to greater achievements, yet still suffer from a bad case of exercise boredom.

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