Types of Carbohydrates

different types of carbohydrates

These days, carbohydrates have a pretty bad reputation for causing weight gain, obesity, and all sorts of health issues. But they’re also one of the macronutrients that your body needs. In this article, we’ll dive into the different types of carbohydrates to get to know them better.

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6 Benefits of Weight Training for Women

benefits of weight training for women

Weight training is trending these days. But there are still some gals out there who are hesitant to do it. One big reason is the fear of getting bulky.

That fear is totally unfounded. Women naturally have way less testosterone than men do. Testosterone is the hormone that helps guys build those big muscles and bulk up.

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Yoga and HIIT: Oxymoron or a Match Made in Heaven?

yoga and hiit workout

There are some combinations in life that are just meant to be: milk and cookies, movies and popcorn, road trips and music. But what about yoga and HIIT workouts? Are the two polar opposites, or is this one of many exercise myths? While the well-known factors of each may not seem similar, taking what you learn in a yoga class off the mat and with you into your HIIT workout is easier and more beneficial than you might think.

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Nutrition for Exercise and Sport: What to Eat Before, During, and After

exercise or sports

Living a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone for a number of different reasons. Healthy eating and physical activity help prevent chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. The number of Americans with these chronic diseases continues to increase, which raises healthcare and health insurance costs for everyone else in the country.

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